Wednesday, 18 May 2011

EVENTS - REPORT - International Symposium on Stem Cell Treatment - Malang Indonesia - 13-15 May, 2011

Dr John Sardjono PRIHADI, cardiologist-cardiac rehabilitation, in cooperation with university Brawijaya, Malang. Guest Lecturer/Docent since 2004 at the Faculty of Medicine University Brawijaya, Malang.

It's an International Symposium about Stem Cell Treatment.

Functions of Dr Prihadi:
- Function Guest Lecture for student and Gala Dinner: Moderator
- Function Stam Cells BMBC IX Symposium/Course: Committee/Faculty.
The treatment is still in experimental phase. It need extra research.

Guest Lecturers:
- Prof Dr Joseph Dens, ZOL Sint-Jan, Genk
- Prof Paul Lijnen, MD, Phd, KULeuven

REPORT - Jeroen Christens :  Back from a long weekend in Malang. This was not the usual holiday trip. I got the chance to help a little bit with the international medical conference, at the university of Malang.

Purpose of the Belgian-Indonesian cooperation is the development of new medical projects. (full report hereunder)

The project is originally from Dr Prihadi, doctor cardiologist at the hospital ZOL Sint-Barbara, and Part-time Researcher with the unit Hypertension-Cardiovascular Rehabilitation KULeuven. With the help of the activities of Heart for Indonesia ( he raises funds. Each year he organises a few Indonesian dinners and every two years an Indonesian evening with dance and music is organized.

The activities of Heart for Indonesia are organised in cooperation with the embassy of Indonesia in Belgium and the community of Lanaken.

In Malang, the home base of the projects (University as well as UKS Sekolah), we were invited by the mayor. He welcomed the Belgian delegation in Malang.

Our group consisted of a professor doctor associated with KULeuven, a doctor cardiologist from ZOL Sint-Jan Genk and Dr John S. Prihadi.

Saturday the doctors were welcomed at the university of Malang. They were introduced as guest lecturers on advanced technology in cardiology at the university.

Firstly they could start their lecture in front of a select public. Afterwards the students got the chance to follow the doctors'guest lecture. In the evening everything got summarized at the Dinner Symposium.

At the end of the night some students made some final arrangements for their exchange study in Belgium.

Sunday they talked about the lecture at lunch and some interested people visited the group to ask questions. Afterwards we returned to the airport, some of us for a small visit to other places in Indonesia, other people for return to their work.

Doctor John Prihadi
Jeroen Christens - Jakarta Indonesia

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