Friday, 15 June 2012

EVENTS - FOOTBALL - Honorable 10th place for the Belgian team in the (Jakarta) World Cup !!

The Belgium team finished the World Cup on the 10th position (out of 25 countries represented) after a series of 8 matches, despite very limited strength (6 players) and 3 injured guys at the end !!!

Even more important, Belgium beat the German Plus 3-1 (WC winner 2010) at the end of the day after defeating the rough Danes and starting the game on one's last legs.

Finally, I should also mention that the organizer has described our team as the most talented team of the tournament. He could only regret that we were missing few calves to rotate on the pitch. 2012 Belgium Squad (cfr picture attached) : - Quentin Vanoekel - Laurent de Schoutheete - Corentin Cassiers - Gaspard Dessy - Othman El Boukhsimi - Xavier Matton

Xavier Matton

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