Sunday, 5 January 2014

IN MEMORIAM - Stefaan Debacker (PT Basicraft)

In de ochtend van December 31, 2013 heeft een hartaanval  ons Stefaan Debacker (Managing Director PT Basicraft - Semarang Indonesia) ontnomen.

In the early morning of December 31st, 2013 a heart attack suddenly took Stefaan Debacker (Managing Director of PT Basicraft - Semarang Indonesia) away from us. 
Stefaan DebackerLaureaat van het Prins Albert Fund (1999), hij ontving net in Juni 2013 op de Belgische Ambassade in Jakarta benoeming als "Adviseur in Economische  Diplomatie" voor een periode van 4 jaar .

Laureat of the Prince Albert Fund (1999), he was just named in June 2013 Economic Diplomacy Advisor to the Belgian Embassy in Jakarta
Onze gedachten gaan naar Tina en familie als steun in deze moeilijke periode.

Our thoughts are with Tina and family as moral support in these difficult times.

Reeds lange tijd woonachtig in Indonesia had Stefaan een vaste plaats in de Belgische gemeenschap in Jakarta en Semarang en zijn nagedachtenis blijft vooraltijd in ons hart.

Long time resident in Indonesia, Stefaan was an active member in the Belgian community in Jakarta and Semarang and he will be in our hearts for always.

Vaarwel, bestevriend. Farewell, dear friend.

P.E.E. Wouters
Randolph Wintgens


  1. It's so hard to believe that you left us. You were our best friend who could always make us laugh. You said, "We always have the reason to smile and laugh, so never be sad." But now, we cant smile even laugh, because now you have passed away..
    Rest in peace, Stefaan...

  2. Dearest Wouters & Randolph, thank your very much for your symphaty. Me and family get through the missing, but with your kind attentions put us in best hope, boost us up to do good with Stefaan's memories and may God Blessed You all..I want to straighten out the information, that Stefaan did not have a heart attack but blood clots in the lungs (Pulmonary Embolisme) from his DVT. Rgds, Tina