Saturday, 19 March 2011

NEWS - Anderlecht - Jakarta 0-5 ?

The Bakrie family, one of the richest families in Indonesia, is reported to plan expansion of its football interests in Europe.  A spokesman for the influential family confirmed that it was in talks with a professional club in Belgium.

Iman Arif : “We’re looking to Belgium because it’s one of the European countries that has flexible immigration rules. We’re still undecided on whether we will buy a majority stake or not.”

It was not specified which Belgian club was the focus of attention.  It is suggested that it could be Anderlecht, winner of 30 championships and the Belgium’s most successful club.

The involvement would not primarily be to make money.  “We want to give Indonesian players a chance to play in the best leagues, such as England and maybe Belgium. We want to help football development in the country,” said Iman.  He is also the deputy chairman for technical affairs at the Indonesian Football Association’s (PSSI) National Team Body (BTN).

(full story - Jakarta Globe)

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