Friday, 22 July 2011

EVENTS - Belgian National Day July 22nd, 2011

 On Friday July 22nd, 2011 - and not on Thursday July 21st as it should have been to be "following the rules of the book and official etiquette" - the Belgian community in Jakarta (and wide surroundings) gathered for a small party, celebrating the Belgian National Day.

Ophelie and Arnaud Lion were our considerate hosts and kindly shared their home and hospitality with the community.

After a short speech by Arnaud Lion - counselor at the Belgian Embassy (left on the picture) - Ambassador Tanghe (right on the picture) and our all Randolph Wintgens (president of BLIC), everybody enjoyed some small fingerfood, a big "Belgian tricolore" cake (next to Belgian waffles and 'Dame Blanche' ice cream !), some drinks and snacks.

Some new faces showed and were welcomed  : Aaron Russell (and family) and Jean-MarcVermeulen (and family)  intend be amongst us for the next few years.  We hope they have a pleasant and enriching stay in this beautiful country.

The atmosphere was cordial, no-nonsense "Belgian style".  Flemish, French, English and some Bahasa Indonesia filled the air, mixing into "Bahasa Jakarta".  All are looking forward towards the November 15th "Kings' Day" celebration.

The pics you can find in the Photo Gallery.

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