Tuesday, 5 July 2011

RESEARCH - Visit of Dr Noel B. Salazar - research

Dr. Noel B. Salazar is visiting  Indonesia in order to conduct an international research related to migration and tourism of Belgian people who are living and working in Indonesia.  The research is supported by the Vlaams Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek ( and the Directoraat-generaal Onderzoek vand e Europese Commissie (PIRG03-GA-2008-230892).

The very erudite Dr Salazar (left on the picture) had an interesting and revealing meeting yesterday Monday July 4th with Arnaud Lion (counselor at the Belgian Embassy in Indonesia- right on the picture) at the Belgian Diplomatic Mission .  What are the reasons for Belgians to settle down in Indonesia, how long do they usually stay, what is their profile, what are their problems, are they successful integrating and making business.  

To-the-point questions that showed academic and human insight from the Doctor that were addressed in a knowledgeable and open way by Arnaud Lion, who proved to be well versed in not only managing the bureaucratic hurdles, but also in assisting the 'in-the-field' experiences, challenges and problems of the Belgian citizens in Indonesia.  

The overall picture being positive and mostly leading to 'long stayers', it is clear that both Indonesian and Belgian people and authorities are - notwithstanding  some administrative barriers - able to 'speak the same language' and develop a beneficial and durable cooperation.

Dr Salazar still has some time for interviews with Belgian people living in Indonesia (or Indonesian people that are able to look back on a Belgian experience) that are willing to share insights and observations.  All our little bits of information will help him draw the 'big picture' of what  most certainly will be a remarkable report.

 Dr Salazar will also visit Yogjakarta and Bali.  Would you be able to spare the time, then do not hesitate to get in contact with him or with the webmaster.  An interesting, challenging talk / interview will be your reward.  Contact details in the original posting or through the contact page of the blog.  For the pics also visit the photo gallery.

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