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EXPAT COMMUNITY - Erna Twechuizen: Mystic Teacher (Denpasar - Bali)

Erna Twechuizen was born in Hoboken in the Flemish part of Belgium, and grew up as the only child in a Catholic family. In 1991, she has made her home in Bali and in 1997 became an Indonesian citizen.

Erna presently lives with her partner Fery in Renon and makes her living as a numerologist. Tarot Card reader and clairvoyant  (source Bali Advertiser 08.02.2012 or full story hereunder)

What were like as a child? 

I was born with the mystic in me, inherited from my powerful Scorpio mother - the sign of occult power. Even as a young girl I was already interested in what people couldn’t see, or hear or prove, but still exist. I knew that there was more than just our tangible, everyday world. I would wonder about the meaning of angels and would often ask my grandmother how I could become an Angel. I also discovered at a very early age that that I had a strong intuition. Sometimes I knew in advance when things would happen.

How did you become interested in the Tarot? 

I had always been deeply interested in mysticism, in the symbols of life and death and how these forces affect my life, so learning about astrology and Tarot came naturally to me. It opened up a curiosity, a yearning to understand the Universe and the Cosmos. I took my first lesson in astrology in Antwerp in 1979, then studied the stars further in Den Haag and Drunen in The Netherlands.

What other discipline are you involved in ? 

I’m interested in all sorts of esoteric knowledge. In the late 1970s I discovered that combined numbers from my studies of astrology and Tarot could predict someone’s birth date. This was when my interest in numerology was born, at first as a hobby and then later as a profession. Numbers can tell what aspects of our lives we should pay attention to. Numerology was already ancient knowledge, started in 562 BC by Pythagoris.

What person has had a big influence in your life?

In 1984 I met Boudewijn Leliveld who became really important in my life. He was an Indonesian man born in Holland who was working with energies, auras and chakras. I attended one of his lectures, then together with my ex-husband enrolled in his course in Tilburg in 1985. I was very moved, especially by his discussion about people’s past lives. He was a healer, teacher and clairvoyant and had the power to peer deep down into your soul and see your past lives.

What did he tell you? 

Boudewijn Leliveld confirmed my inner knowledge of my past reincarnations. He told me in one of my past lives I was a Native American, an Apache woman, who was working with a shaman as a herbalist. He also described my other lives in different parts of the world as a politician, a counselor, a teacher, a high priestess and a movie star. This helped explain why as a child I always wanted to be in the theater and how I loved to dance and sing for my grandmother! Later on in Bali I discovered one of my last incarnations was as a member of the high caste in India. I even saw my beautiful wedding in Rajasthan!

When was your first visit to Bali?

I came to Bali for the first time in 1988 for a holiday with my ex-husband and fell in love with the island. It was like coming home. A clairvoyant told me that I had spent two previous lives in Bali, one life in the village Pesingganhan near Kusamba and another life in the Batukaru area of Tabanan. Perhaps this is why the Hindu religion has always attracted me.

Is a person’s name important ? 

A person’s name is a very important part of his or her life. Every person’s name stands for a certain number that belongs just to that person. Names point the way in our lives, tell us what path we must take, direct us to our destiny. From this number alone, I can foretell what the year lying ahead will bring you. In your Soul number I can see your past lives which sometime influence your present life, as well as your inner desires and wishes. For a complete reading, I will need your original name at time of birth and all of your nicknames. From your date of birth I can tell you about your health, character, profession and the lessons you need to learn.

In what other ways are names and numbers important? 

Choosing a name for your child and the name of your company can be crucial. The names need to have the right vibrations. There's also the best time to open a shop or any kind of business, to move into a house, even the date you get married.

Which date is good for the couple? 

Choosing your hotel room number, your license plate number, your table number at a restaurant, your house number all can be important decisions. What are the potential weaknesses in your home with this specific number? I've heard these mystical teachings called “psuedo sciences.”

Do they really work? 

I am constantly surprised at how numbers and symbols are able to guide people and help them make healthy decisions. We are confronted with numbers and symbols every day – license plate numbers, phone numbers, bank account numbers, PIN numbers, etc. I can't imagine living my own life without being guided by numbers, and I love guiding people via the numbers in their lives. A clairvoyant once told me that I work with the energy of angels.

Where can readers learn more about the services that you offer? 

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