Saturday, 12 May 2012

EVENTS - FOOTBALL - Germany Plus vs BLIC Red Devils 4 - 4

Contrary to the German Plus host team - that regularly plays together - the BLIC Red Devils were assembled for the occasion.  Because of an initial lack of players, the Belgian team furthermore had to borrow 2 German replacements.

Any bad omen was soon contradicted by a fast lead within the first 7 minutes of the game : Germany 0 - Belgium 1.  Whilst the Belgian team was the better of their opponents, both in the personal scrimmages as in field control, the game at first unfortunately appeared to turn to the favor of the Mannschaft.  From the 1 - 1 equalizer up to a 3 - 1 lead. 

A pressuring Belgian rally in the second halve however ended in a seaming draw score of 3 - 3, and this within a time span of 8 minutes.  Then the German team  succeeded in taking the lead that appeared to go for a final 4 -3  in our disadvantage.  But once again, the Belgian perseverance paid of and a dry conversion of a rightful and non contested penalty - in the wake of the game and just when it started to darken - did result in the overall end score of Germany 4- Belgium 4.

A friendly match - in the nice setting of the German International School in BSD - contested in a spirit of comrade with a worthy opponent showed that the sky indeed could be the limit for this Belgian team. 

Do not hesitate to visit the photo gallery (there are 2 photo series - 1 with courtesy from Randolph Wintgens and 1 from the Webmaster)

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